The Bartimaeus Community is a voluntary community of Christians from many denominations, many of whom reside at the Meadow Wood Cohousing Condominium.

     Organized separately from the Meadow Wood Cohousing Condominium Association, we live alongside each other to work out the Christian values that God is working in us.

      We are committed to growing in Biblical character, even while acknowledging our frequent failings to love each other. By maintaining and nurturing a spirit of unity, we hope to maintain long-term cohesion and a legacy of mutual service together.

     Our neighbors are valued friends and community partners. We affirm the inherent dignity and worth of all persons as made in God's image and welcome participation in our activities.

Purpose Statement: Bartimaeus Community is a consensus-governed, voluntary association of individuals, whose commitment to service is based on a foundation of Christian faith and practice. Our purpose is to maintain our Christian vitality, and to affirm the values of living in community and serving Kitsap County.